Whatever your project is.
Renovation of condo or residential.
Creation of a custom kitchen or bathroom.
Renovation with construction management in Montreal.


Our goal is to make your project blossom whether it is a condo or residential renovation. A kitchen, a bathroom, or an extension? We have the solutions to carry out your ideas.

For your residential renovation, we can help you with your entire project. Whether in the choice or creation of your interior design, but also for the respect of your budget

Before the renovation starts, we can choose the different stakeholders together, and then we can manage the work so that everything is done in the best conditions possible.

We assist you throughout the construction management.

Home renovations can be surprising, because renovations in Montreal are complicated by the soil that moves with temperature differences. We have experience with these issues. It is so that this type of problem does not happen that we carefully study the sites of renovation or expansion. Once the bases are done on plan we can move on to the renovation of your condo.

The more things are planned in advance, the fewer problems there will be afterwards. We are perfectionists, we will make every effort to ensure that your project is delivered on time and that the finishes are perfect. This is our trademark.
You can see some examples of our realizations in Montreal by following the link.