In here I’ll show you the different types of remuneration for the designers, and then you’ll have some examples of fees. Examples of submissions are about the renovation of a made to measure kitchen, the renovation of a bathroom, and finally the renovation of the whole apartment.


Of course, the fees differ among the workload, the type of works, the number of rooms. But the examples I give you can give you an idea, and then you’ll have to adjust the submissions among your needs.

For all cases, many possibilities are available for an interior design submission:

  • A flat fee: for the sketches, the primary design, the inventory or separated missions. A flat fee can be made (price between 400 and 900$CA per room).
  • A shift system: in that case, the fees are calculated by hour, half a day, or by day.
  • By percentage: during a project management mission, the honorary are calculated by percentage based on the amount of the price of the works without taxes. This percentage is between 8 to 17% among the work to do.

For any submission, from renovation, to a kitchen or a bathroom, a mission contract will be written. To act the modalities of our collaboration and to avoid any surprises.

Submission for a kitchen

The prices can fluctuate very quickly with a kitchen submission because the household electricals and the counter materials can increase the bill.

For a custm kitchen:

  • Medium range: 8000$ à 15000$
  • Top of the range: 12000$ à 35000$
  • High end: 25000$ à 50000$

Submission for a bathroom

The prices for a bathroom, like with a kitchen can fluctuate very quilky too. The hydromassage showers, the plumbing, the tulles have to be carefully chosen, and they can increase the price. For example, a counter made with quartz or granite cost between 80 $CA to 150 $CA pc.

For a made to measure bathroom:

  • Medium range : 6000$ à 12000$
  • Top of the range : 11000$ à 18000$
  • high end : 18000$ à 35000$

Quotation for renovation

The prices for a whole renovation of your condo or your house can fluctuate by the quality of the realisation. The price often differs from the square inches. Of course, the price depends of the services given and quality f the work.

For a whole custum renovation:

  • Medium range : 50$ p/c.
  • high end : 250 $CA p/c Renovation of an old building 70% of the surface is new, and 30% is refresh. A few made custum layout.
  • Very high end : 500 $CA p/c Whole renovation of the house and luxury prestation, several costume layout.

The benefits of an interior designer

  • Controlled budget, thanks to one person and a meticulous management.
  • Insurances up to date, each trade has his own insurance.
  • Known and strong contractor, perfect finishes.
  • Schedules respected, daily tranquillity.
  • An interior just like you, unique solutions for your spaces.