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Adapted, accessible and functional kitchen

The process of an interior design project
21 June 2017

Interior design for the well-being of seniors and people with reduced mobility.

In Quebec, the population is aging. In 2016, out of 7 million Quebeckers, there were 1.5 million seniors over the age of 65, or 18% of the population. In 2021, this figure will increase to 20%. That is a fact. I think it is important to be able to support this development by putting design at the service of well-being, in order to make everyday life easier for everyone.

So that everyone can keep their autonomy as much as possible, we design kitchens and adapted spaces by optimizing ergonomics, comfort and safety for people with reduced mobility or for seniors.

When renovating your kitchen, a well thought out design does not cost more than a bad design. In the long term, the latter is even more expensive, because the ergonomic elements have to be adapted again.

An adapted kitchen needs to be considered in terms of accessibility and safety, with the aim of limiting users' movements, efforts and preventing or avoiding falls or accidents.


Cooking is a real pleasure. For it to remain so, it is necessary to arrange and configure the working areas in a logical way (area provisions, storage, washing, cooking...)

Various means are available to provide different comfort of use, for example adjusting the grip height by positioning electrical devices in easily accessible areas.

In other cases, it is possible to install a kitchen plan and high furniture at varying heights. The sink, taps and oven can also be adapted to simplify their use as much as possible.


The planning of the different areas of activity in the kitchen aims to avoid unnecessary gestures and to smooth the movements.

For everyday objects, there is the concept "design for all" This design philosophy aims to create aesthetic objects and usable by all, regardless of age, capacity or status.

For an adapted kitchen renovation, a budget of between C$10,000 and C$35,000 is required, however a significant amount of financial assistance is available, so we can assist you in completing the files:

Go to the government website about financial assistance for the renovation of adapted kitchen.

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