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Interior designer – Rosemont

Interior designer – Plateau Mont-Royal
8 May 2018
Custom made bookcase – Rosemont
25 May 2018

Looking for an interior designer
on Rosemont?


If you need an interior designer in the Rosemont neighbourhood,we will be happy to help you with your renovation or decoration project.

We have already carried out several projects in this sector, such as the integration of a tailor-made library in a living/ dining room, this development of an attic in parental suite or even, this mezzanine renovation in parental suite.

On Rosemont there are specific features in terms of heritage conservation that are not found in other areas of Montreal. We have the habit of depositing permits for works, for excavation for mezzanine, removal of load-bearing walls. These are projects that we have also carried out on Rosemont.

We guarantee you a turnkey and tailor-made project in total listening to your needs and your budget.

11 July 2019

Interior Designer – Ville Marie – Old Port

4 July 2019

Interior designer
Mercier – Hochelaga – Maisonneuve

1 July 2019

Modernization of kitchen and bathroom | Hochelaga – Maisonneuve

26 June 2019

Creation of a mezzanine with master suite and bathroom – Rosemont

21 June 2019

Major renovation of a 600-foot² Loft
Old Port

4 June 2019

1800 p² renovation on l’Île des sœurs

30 May 2019

Master Suite Attic Development | Rosemont

18 May 2019

Interior design – Verdun – Ile-des-soeurs

28 July 2018

An interior designer for your high-end kitchen

All the ingredients for a high-end kitchen made for you.
23 June 2018

Custom renovation of mezzanine and basement – Plateau Mont-Royal

Rénovations à tous les étages sur le Plateau Mont Royal.

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