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Industrial and modern kitchen – Plateau Mont-Royal

Interior design in 3 dimensions
31 July 2017
Interior designer – Plateau Mont-Royal
8 May 2018

Every architectural project is unique, especially with the refurbishment of this high-end kitchen with an industrial design in Montreal.


Photo crédit Valérie de l'Etoile

The owners wanted to renovate one of theirs kitchen in an ancestral building located in Plateau Mont-Royal.

The challenge about this project was to have an interior which fit with the open space of the dining room, and to add a contemporary look at the character and architectural design already there.

The renovation of the kitchen implies a custom design :

The setting of each storage space was design and thank with precision.
All furniture was made in order to fit the wine cellar, the storages, three oversized drawers and to hide the refrigerator.

By opening the sliding door, it’s possible to have access to all storages, the microwave, the wine cellar, the drawers… Once closed, everything is hidden.
Back to serenity.

The suction and retractable fan helps to create a modern design to this clears lines’ kitchen. In the other way, the faucet and the glass wall are the main pieces of the layout. They accentuate the industrial look of the kitchen. The choice of a dull coating creates a padded feeling. This contrast with the imposing central island made with stainless steel crowned by a maple wood’s counter, which gives a welcoming touch to this ultramodern kitchen.

Finally, the lightening emphasizes the beautiful separation thanks to the shadows created on the brick wall.

The planification and the schedule of this made to measure project was rightly led, it only took 12 weeks from the fist sketches to the end of the renovation.

Interior designer: Cyrille Maurice

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